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Keo's Thai Cuisine (Paperback)
Published (originally) 1985
Revised (3rd Edition) 1999
191 pages
ISBN # 1-58008-081-2
Price: $19.99

Editor: Keo Sananikone

Sold at Keo's and all major bookstores.

Keo's Thai Cuisine, beautifully illustrated with photos by Lou Harrington is an award winning cookbook. When no publisher was interested in the book, Keo published it himself in the summer of 1985 and sold out the first printing of 15,000 copies in a month. "Then five publishers wanted it," he laughs. The book has now sold over 100,000 copies, including 9,000 copies in Thailand and 5,000 copies in Australia and Canada.

Excerpt taken from front sleeve:

For over three decades, restaurateur Keo Sananikone has been at the epicenter of America's increasing fascination with the cui­sine of Thailand. The popularity of his Thai restaurants in Hawaii, Keo explains, stems "not from doing extraordinary things; it comes from consistently doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well." The recipes from his famed restaurants have attracted Holly­wood celebrities, Southeast Asian royalty, and locals in throngs-not with Blitz but with savory, spicy Thai flavors. The presti­gious awards garnered by Keo's restaurants speak for themselves: Bon Appetit voted Keo's "America's Best Thai Restaurant" and Gourmet named it one of "America's Top Tables."

Keo's Thai Cuisine bears testament to its author's commitment to demystifying and disseminating the cuisine of Thailand. The book that ushered in the Thai revolution in kitchens across America is back in a revised edition, featuring new photography and more of the exquisite recipes that have earned Keo Sananikone his international reputation. Each of the book's nearly 100 recipes is accompanied by simple, clear directions that ensure world-class results in any kitchen. The book's glossary and instructional diagrams introduce the uninitiated to traditional Thai ingredients and preparations, making. ~ Keo's Thai Cuisine the definitive source for home cooks serious about Thai cuisine.


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